Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Test Pies #2

For this second round of testing, I tried a blend of 2/3 ginger cat cookies and 1/3 regular cat cookies - and also blind baked the crusts for a tad longer, to increase the crunchiness factor.
And of course, I had to throw another factor into the mix to make things even MORE complicated - I tested a this crust with a thin layer of melted chocolate on the bottom. I've done this in the past with custard pies, and found that it seals out the moisture from the custard, and keeps the crust nice and crunchy - which is especially important if you are making the pies ahead of time. 

I used 8 chocolate chips for each mini pie, and used a little paintbrush to evenly coat the bottom of each crust. 

I tasted the two pies last night - and the chocolate definitely kept the crust crunchier which is a definite bonus. The chocolate wasn't very obvious but I think adds a nice textural element.
Michael took some pies to work for more testing today, and looks like most folks preferred the chocolate as well. Woot!

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