Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Brittle, Baby!!

I wanted some kind of garnish for the pie, and initially thought perhaps a praline pecan and/or whipped cream. Then, my friend Greg had a very excellent idea of a  pecan brittle garnish. I've made brittle a couple times before, and thankfully it is quite easy and the most time consuming part is just waiting for the sugar mixture to get up to hard crack stage. I used the brittle recipe from Tartine's cookbook, and substituted the peanuts for chopped, toasty pecans. (The cookbook is excellent, by the way - and bonus points because they also include weight measurements for all their recipes!)

Yeah, the photo above doesn't look super appetizing - but it's sugar, nuts, & a touch of butter - so you know how it must taste!
I did notice that when I used my Le Creuset pan to make the praline, it heated up much faster than when I used a more lightweight pan for the second batch. Makes sense since cast iron retains heat very well.  4 more days till the showdown..eek!!

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