Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wild Food

Ok, so this post isn't *exactly* on baking, but it is food related. Last weekend, I went on a wild food walk, organized by ForageSF, a cool organization that teaches people about what’s edible in their local landscape.
This particular 2 hour walk took place in a San Francisco park, and our instructor taught us about many of the nutritious edibles growing right under our urban noses. We sampled some tasty elderberries  (which would make a totally delicious pie!)


I especially liked the wild radish, below - the leaves, buds, and purple flowers taste, well, as you guessed, like radish! They are the wild cousin of the cultivated radish. And, if the flowers are  yellow - it will taste like mustard!

Wild radish

 I learned about a plant that I'd never head of before - yarrow - which is edible, though used mainly as an herbal remedy. It is used as a cold/flu remedy and encourages blood clotting (hence the plant's nickname, nosebleed plant).